Landlord Protection Against Construction Lien Claims For Tenant ImprovementsA common, but easily preventable, occurrence for many commercial property owners is having a mechanic’s lien filed against their property when their tenant has not paid its contractor and/or their tenant’s contractor has failed to pay one of its suppliers, subcontractors or laborers for improvements made to the property by the tenant. The mechanics lien is a cloud on the property’s title and can prevent […]

Essential Qualities Good Real Estate Agents Should HaveReal estate agents are key players in any real estate endeavor. Their services play crucial tasks so your real estate venture could be realized and be successful at that.

These professionals are present from your house searching to the finalization of the deal. But in some states, there have been concerns about agents that could not meet clients’ demands. Such problem may have […]

Keys to Commercial Property Market IntelligenceToday we find that the commercial property industry is changing frequently and radically. Prices and rentals today are significantly different than those of three or four years ago. The enquiry rates from marketing campaigns today are less although more specific. On that basis, we as commercial real estate agents need to do more with less. Our services are of high value to the property […]

The Benefits of Commercial Real EstateReal estate has always been the safest investment avenue, which is done with proper. The key benefit of investing your money in commercial real estate is its security, its life and its purpose. It brings serious profits and fortune.

Commercial real estate is very good for two main reasons. First, invest and come up with an idea for a business. Second, invest and rent it out to another […]

Property Management Companies Are Your FriendOwning rental property can be a very beneficial investment. It can also be a very stressful one, especially when dealing with tenants of multi – residential properties. When considering becoming a landlord, you want to think about all of the things that will now become your responsibility. Being educated on the laws of owning and managing a building is key, otherwise you can find yourself in a big mess. […]

Commercial Real Estate Investments - Why They Are Better Than Its Residential AlternativesMany real estate investors leave commercial real estate opportunities aside. The sheer thought of empty office buildings and old warehouses with faded ‘For Sale’ signs on dark and deserted industry parks is often more than enough to scare them off. Commercial real estate investment is often perceived as too risky due to the hardships in securing and keeping good tenants for commercial property […]

The Basics of Exclusive Tenant RepresentationWhen a business grows with success, there may come a time when the owner needs to consider moving to a larger facility, or negotiating with the property’s landlord (if the business owner does not own the property outright) for a new lease. If the business is such that multiple or satellite locations are feasible, as with a retail boutique or service shop, that is one more thing for the owner to ponder […]