Little Known Commercial Loan Puts Cash in Your Hand For Any Reason Fast and EasyOwning a commercial building such as an apartment complex, office building, retail center, business owner-occupied building and the like is a great investment that appreciates over time and can provide a constant source of monthly income.

How To Use Your Equity Without a Hassle:

If you’ve got equity in your commercial building, it’s a great source of cash at your […]

How to Keep Your Viewer's Attention When Using Online Video Marketing to Showcase Your ListingsUsing videos to showcase your listings has a lot of benefits to your real estate business.

Some of those benefits include:

1. Having a unique marketing strategy that your competition doesn’t have; making it easier to close your listing appointments.

2. Getting buyer leads from people that call you after watching the video.

3. Getting other listing appointments because someone […]

VIP Database Strategies in Commercial Real Estate BrokerageIn commercial real estate brokerage today, it is essential that you have a segmented database that allows you to focus on your top 100 prospects or clients. When you do this correctly, you will generate more leads and opportunities over time. It is a bit like having a VIP club within your database.

Your top clients or prospects should be those people that can offer you multiple […]

3 Great Tools For Real Estate Agents - How To Become A Successful Real Estate AgentMarketing online is difficult for anybody associated with the real estate sector. Whether you’re an escrow officer, inspector or official, transaction co√∂rdinator, realtor, broker, painter, demolition, loan provider, etc., it is hard gain a foothold in the property market. Learning how to increase your site rankings is something. Nevertheless, learning how to develop […]

How to Become a Jamaica Real Estate Agent - The Licence to Sell Jamaica Properties LegallyIf you are looking to sell real estate in Jamaica, you can do so by attending the Real Estate Salesman’s Course #100H that is offered at the University of Technology, Jamaica. After passing the course, you are required to go through a few background checks to ensure you don’t have any skeletons in your closet. The final step is an interview with the Jamaica Real Estate Board to get final […]

A Top Revenue Producing McMansion Investment PlanThe economic environment has changed for the long term. The years of loose cash to buy homes is over. With this, we have seen and continue to see large numbers of high end homes go to foreclosure. In some neighborhoods, we see homes like this seemingly abandoned and have to ask the question, “What will become of this asset?”

The atmosphere is muddied still more by other issues. With the Echo Boomers […]

Rental Property - Most Profitable Properties to BuyWhat Properties Should I Consider?

While this is a personal decision, I want to share some pros and cons I have observed in this area. I am not at all making a character judgment about any of the groups listed below. These are simply my observations made as a result of experiences in working with all of the groups.

White-Collar Properties;

Better defined […]

Landlord Protection Against Construction Lien Claims For Tenant ImprovementsA common, but easily preventable, occurrence for many commercial property owners is having a mechanic’s lien filed against their property when their tenant has not paid its contractor and/or their tenant’s contractor has failed to pay one of its suppliers, subcontractors or laborers for improvements made to the property by the tenant. The mechanics lien is a cloud on the property’s title and can prevent […]